Fix Charge HR Shows Battery Symbol with Exclamation Mark Problem

I went back home last month and put my Charge HR in a corner since then. But when I prepare to wear it these days, I found my Charge HR shows a battery symbol with an exclamation mark on the screen. It cannot display dashboard as usual, neither can I connect that device from my smartphone. My smart band was fully charged, so this issue was not caused by lack of power.

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Fix a Weird Transmission Permission Error when Write to Network Drive

TLDR: This problem may be caused by file allocation function if you are using CIFS protocol, see the latest paragraph for solutions.

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Use API to monitor IDCF data transfer usage

IDCF is a large enterprise which provides VPS service at an affordable price in Japan. It provides 3TB data transfer for free each month, Extra transfer fee should be paid after exceed the free plan. So it’s a wise choice to balance the data transfer from the different zone.

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I’ve always had a shine to the blockchain applications, like steemit. And now, there’s a new game based on blockchain: cryptokitties. They claimed they’re the first blockchain game. It sounds cool, Even more, they have chosen to make kitty cultivate game. You know, kitties are always adorable.

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Mount external disk at Linux startup

It is generally acknowledged that most Chromebook has only 16GB ROM, which means if you install Linux on your Chromebook, the remaining free space will be very small. Taking into account the current SSD price, using external SD card is a very wise choice: Most Chromebook has an SD card slot and SD card is cheap nowadays —— I bought a 32GB class 10 SD card on eBay with only $8. So we need to mount that SD card (external disk) at Linux startup. Continue reading

Try IDCF cost simulation and get a coupon

IDCF recently announced cost simulations function. Which means you only need to speak out the demand, IDCF will automatically recommend the appropriate VPS for you and give a price list. That sounds cool but more important, IDCF will give you a ¥1000 JPY coupon as a reward of this promotion. Continue reading

Get TransIP 1TB cloud storage free and mount to Linux

TransIP provides 1TB free cloud storage which they called stack. The stack can be used to store your file or host image, and you can mount this cloud storage to your VPS to extend disk space if you want.

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