Get TransIP 1TB cloud storage free and mount to Linux

TransIP provides 1TB free cloud storage which they called stack. The stack can be used to store your file or host image, and you can mount this cloud storage to your VPS to extend disk space if you want.

Get free cloud storage

There are two TransIP sites provide this free service, one in Netherlands( and the other is in Belgium( According to feedback, Netherlands site has strict account information review. So I suggest registering Belgium site.

register link:

Before we start, I suggest you install translate plugin in your browser cause the website is in Dutch.

click the button on the left up to sign up.

You’ll fill a form, and need to fill in your real information(in English).


After sign up, you need to require an invite code on this page:

Leave your email address, after the TransIP admin passed require(Usually within a day), you will receive the invite email which contains invite code.
Open the page above and fill in the code.

Congratulations, you get it.


Set language into English

The stack admin panel supports English but not default. We can set the language in English by following steps.

1. Goto https://[YOURNAME] and log in.

2. Click the username in the upper right corner, and click the gear icon.

3. On this page, click the drop down box and select English.

Mount to Linux

The official doc has guidance for GUI environment(including Windows, Linux, and macOS). But mount it under CLI is also simple.

First, you need to install davfs2.

sudo apt install davfs2

During the installation, davfs2 will ask you whether unprivileged users can enter to a certain directory.

Then, mount TransIP cloud storage with a simple command.

mkdir /mnt/webdav/
mount -t davfs https://[YOURNAME] /mnt/webdav/

You need to enter your stack username and password.

And now, cloud storage has been mounted on your VPS successfully. You can use this cloud storage as a local directory. It’s free, so backup your data as frequently as possible.


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