Try IDCF cost simulation and get a coupon

IDCF recently announced cost simulations function. Which means you only need to speak out the demand, IDCF will automatically recommend the appropriate VPS for you and give a price list. That sounds cool but more important, IDCF will give you a ¥1000 JPY coupon as a reward of this promotion.

Entrance of this promotion:


Enter the page, IDCF provides two different types of options: one is based on the use of the other is based on hardware specifications. You can choose what ever you like.

For the usage one, IDCF provides different ways of usage, from a static page to security defense. But I am curious why the static page or blog prices are so different. But it does not matter, this promotion is only a simulation, it does not mean you have to deploy a VPS in that hardware specification.

After you make a choice, you will see the stipulation confirms page, on this page, you can check your hardware specification and price, do not forget to select all available coupon and click “ask for a price list” button.

Fill a form and you will get your price list, mean while the coupon will send you to your email you leave.

Onen your email inbox, and you can see the price stimulation list and coupon.

The stimulation coupon is valid for three months from use, and the other code is only available for IDCF new users.

Enter the coupon in IDCF admin panel, congratulations! You got ¥1080 JPY coupon.



[JP]The official promotion guide:


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