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As LastPass will change their product plan this month, free users will no longer be available to synchronize their password across the PC and mobile. That is to say; Users have to choose mobile or desktop as their primary device to store their password.

It is a pretty strange payment wall. Instead of providers any additional features to the premium plan, it limits the free program and converts to a paid plan. Anyway, I moved to Keepass last month and hosted the password database on my private cloud. Besides that, Google password manager is also a convenient tool for auto-fill both on desktop (Chrome browser) and Android devices.

How to import data from KeePass to Google password manager

The way to import password data to Google password manager is simple. You need to prepare:

  • Your password file in CSV format.
  • Chrome browser (desktop version)
  • 5 minutes

Firstly, you need to go to your current password manager and export your password data in CSV format. If you are using Keepass, you should find an Export option in the File menu. For other password managers like LastPass, you can directly export the data in CSV format.

KeePass export

Secondly, we need to modify to CSV columns name to fit the Google password manager’s format. Different password manager may provide other column names. For instance, for the column to store website URL, LastPass calls this column “url” and KeePass calls it “Web Site”. 

Different export format

Google password manager imports data from these three fields:

Username Password Website   

 So we need to change the column name in CSV files if not match. The final column name should looks like this:

Lastly, open Google Chrome browser and enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar, enable the import password feature and import data in Chrome settings - Passwords- Saved Passwords - three dots menu . Please wait for it to the synchronized, and you are good to go. 

Chrome flags

Now you can easily autofill your password across devices. When you tap the login textbox, the auto-fill menu will pop up and fill in texts for you, both on desktop and mobile device. Cheers.

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